E-Wave Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to electric bikes, the E-Wave stands out as a one-of-a-kind blend of classic design and cutting-edge technology. This article will provide a thorough examination of everything from its design to its technical specifications. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the world of e-bikes, keep reading to find out what makes the E-Wave such an exciting option.

Reviews, Ratings & Technical Specs

The E-Wave electric bike has captured the essence of the classic Southern California beach cruiser, incorporating it into a sleek, modern design. Before delving into the pros and cons, let’s take a look at the technical specifications:

  • Frame: 6061 Post-Weld Heat Treated Alloy Frame
  • Fork: Cro-Mo
  • Motor: 500-watt Bafang Hub-drive
  • Battery Options: 8ah, 10ah, 12ah, or 14ah
  • Tires: Kenda Revolution 26×2.5
  • Crankset: 170mm Alloy
  • Gearing: Shimano Altus 9-Speed
  • Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic Disc
  • Pedals: Wellgo Alloy Platform 9/16

How We Picked the Best Electric Bikes

Our selection process considered a range of factors, including design, motor power, battery options, and overall performance. The E-Wave caught our attention for its seamless integration of the beloved beach cruiser style with a powerful Bafang motor and versatile battery choices.


  • Classic Design: The E-Wave preserves the soul of the classic Southern California beach cruiser, offering riders a nostalgic and stylish experience.
  • Powerful Motor: The 500-watt Bafang Hub-drive motor ensures a smooth and robust performance, providing ample power for various terrains.
  • Battery Options: With choices ranging from 8ah to 14ah, riders can customize their experience, whether it’s a casual cruise or an extended coastal adventure.


  • Limited Suspension: The E-Wave may not be the ideal choice for riders seeking extensive suspension features, as it prioritizes the classic cruiser design.
  • Tyre Considerations: Some riders might find it crucial to swap the tires for specific terrains, as the default Kenda Revolution 26×2.5 may not suit all preferences.

Suspension, Motor, and Battery

The E-Wave excels in its classic design and powerful motor, but those looking for advanced suspension features may be disappointed. The Bafang motor, when combined with a variety of battery options, provides a dynamic and enjoyable riding experience.


Setting up the E-Wave is straightforward, with a user-friendly design that caters to both experienced riders and beginners. The inclusion of pedal-assist and throttle capabilities adds to the bike’s versatility.

Motor Performance and Battery Life

The 500-watt Bafang Hub-drive motor delivers an impressive performance, providing a seamless blend of pedal-assist and throttle capabilities. The varied battery options allow riders to choose the level of assistance needed for their journey.

Crucial Tyre Swap

While the standard Kenda Revolution tires are suitable for a wide range of terrains, some riders may find it necessary to swap them out for a different set based on personal preferences and intended riding conditions.

Bottom Line

The E-Wave electric bike is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the classic beach cruiser design and desire a powerful and customizable riding experience. While it may have limitations in terms of suspension and tire preferences, its overall performance and style make it a compelling option in the e-bike market.

How We Tested

Our testing procedure concentrated on key factors such as power, speed, and range. We put the E-Wave through a variety of scenarios, from easy rides to more difficult terrain, to assess its overall performance.

Power, Speed, and Range

The 500-watt Bafang motor showcased impressive power, providing a satisfying speed range. The diverse battery options allowed us to explore different ranges, making the E-Wave suitable for both short trips and more extended journeys.


Finally, the E-Wave electric bike provides a one-of-a-kind and stylish riding experience that seamlessly blends classic design with modern technology. The E-Wave is well-suited for riders looking for a dynamic and customizable e-bike, thanks to its powerful motor, versatile battery options, and user-friendly setup. While there are some drawbacks, such as limited suspension and potential tire swaps, the overall package makes the E-Wave a standout choice among electric bikes.

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