Magnum Ui5 Electric Bike: In-Depth Review, Ratings, and Technical Specifications

Magnum Ui5 has gained popularity as an electric bike due to its low cost and feature-rich design. The Ui5’s reputation in Israel and Europe, integration of 5th generation technology, and suitability for urban commuting drew us in during our search for the best electric bikes. It stood out in our selection process due to its purpose-built frame, balanced weight distribution, and reasonable price point of around $1,699 USD.

Integrated Battery Design: The Ui5 features an integrated lithium-ion battery pack with a sleek, partially cut-away downtube. This design enhances security, strength, and a lower center of mass. The 13 amp-hour battery, equipped with Samsung cells, provides an above-average range for its price range.
Affordability: Priced at around $1,699, the Magnum Ui5 offers a compelling price point for an electric bike with a one-year warranty. The value becomes even more apparent when considering the upgraded 13 amp-hour battery size and the use of reputable Samsung cells.
Comfortable Ride: The Ui5 delivers a comfortable riding experience with features like Schwalbe Big Ben tires, a Suntour suspension fork, and a Selle Royale saddle. The aluminum alloy bash guard on the front chainring adds practicality by protecting clothing from grease and snags.
Purposeful Design: The frame’s double tube top tube and down tube design, along with the oversized tapered head tube, contribute to stiffness and aesthetics. The clean wire integration, adjustable stem, and matching color scheme for the suspension fork and grips showcase thoughtful design.
Convenient Battery Access: Despite limited access to the charging port and USB outlet, the quick release on the front wheel and the quick-disconnect in the power cable for the rear wheel provide easy maintenance and accessibility.
Limited Throttle Control: The Ui5 has limited throttle control, allowing power only up to the level of assist selected. This restriction limits the override capability, which might be a consideration for riders expecting more flexibility in throttle usage.
Charging Port Placement: The USB charging port’s placement at the lowest end of the battery pack near the downtube intersection could be inconvenient and potentially prone to interference with the chainring or crank arms.
Single Brake Lever with Motor Inhibitor: While equipped with disc brakes, it features only one brake lever with a motor cutoff switch. Adding a second lever and upgrading to a 12-magnet cadence sensor could enhance braking performance and safety.


A suspension fork is one of the Ui5’s comfort features, adding a layer of comfort to the ride. However, riders looking for more customization in suspension settings may be concerned about the lack of lockout or rebound adjustment.

Motor and Battery:

The 350-watt internally geared hub motor in the rear wheel, while considered normal, offers reliable performance. The integrated 13 amp-hour battery with Samsung cells is a standout feature, providing an extended range compared to similar models in its price range.


While some users may find the setup process difficult at first, Magnum’s assistance is invaluable. Clearer instructions or online resources could help users assemble and configure the bike even more.

Motor Performance and Battery Life:

The motor’s performance is commended for its normal operation and relatively quiet performance. The delay in the pedal assist sensor is noted, providing an average response. The 13 amp-hour battery’s longevity, coupled with the integrated LED power level indicator, offers a positive experience.

Crucial Tyre Swap:

Upgrading to Wellgo platform pedals and experimenting with lower tire pressures within safe limits improved comfort, control, and overall riding experience.

Bottom Line:

The Magnum Ui5, priced at approximately $1,699, emerges as a winner in the electric bike market. Its purpose-built design, balanced weight distribution, and clean wire integration, coupled with a solid warranty, make it a compelling choice for urban commuting and city riding.

How We Tested:

Our evaluation took into account a variety of factors, such as the bike’s comfort, setup process, motor and battery performance, and the impact of critical upgrades such as pedal and tire swaps. To evaluate the Ui5’s dependability and overall user experience, real-world testing included commuting scenarios, hill climbs, and long rides.

Power, Speed, and Range:

The 350-watt motor, while providing average power, proves sufficient for urban commuting. The Ui5’s top speed and range are notable, with the upgraded 13 amp-hour battery contributing to an extended riding experience.


Finally, the Magnum Ui5 electric bike has proven to be a dependable, cost-effective, and feature-rich option for riders looking for a comfortable and practical commuting solution. While it does have some limitations, such as throttle control and charging port placement, the overall package, which includes an integrated battery design and a purposeful frame, positions it as a strong contender in the electric bike market. The Ui5’s value proposition remains consistent as the electric bike landscape evolves, making it a worthy consideration for riders looking for a dependable and reasonably priced electric bike.

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