At Outdoor Electric Bike, we are driven by an unwavering passion for electric bikes and the transformative potential they hold for enthusiasts of the great outdoors. Our mission is clear: to inspire and inform, to ignite the spirit of adventure, and to empower riders seeking the perfect blend of nature and technology.

What Drives Us

The heart of Outdoor Electric Bike beats with the rhythm of exploration, adventure, and the pure joy of outdoor escapades. We believe that electric bikes are the key to unlocking new horizons, enabling riders to conquer rugged terrains, embark on thrilling trails, and reconnect with the world outside.

Meet the Outdoor Electric Bike Team

  • Albert K. Baughn – Marketing Operations Manager, Product Reviewer, Content Writer: Baughn‘s love affair with electric bikes began in 2019 when he hopped on his first e-bike and was immediately enthralled. He has logged thousands of miles on over a hundred e-bikes since then. Baughn lives in Southern Utah, where he enjoys the year-round riding opportunities and diverse terrain. He maintains a “Average Joe” viewpoint, recalling the questions and curiosity he had as a newcomer to e-bikes. Baughn enjoys staying current with technology and spending time with his family when he isn’t on two wheels.
  • Betty Z. Reeves – Product Reviewer, Content Writer: Betty Reeves‘s journey with bikes experienced a renaissance during the pandemic in 2020 when he returned to cycling along the bike paths of metropolitan Phoenix. Blending his writing prowess, tech-savvy nature, and his renewed passion for biking, John contributes his insights to Outdoor Electric Bike. He hopes to guide readers towards informed choices that enhance personal well-being and protect our planet. Beyond e-bikes, Betty Z. Reeves interests extend to hiking, gaming, culinary delights, and creative pursuits.
  • Debra Walden – Product Reviewer, Content Writer: Debra‘s writing journey took flight at an early age when he penned an article about constructing a BMX bike ramp with his neighborhood friends. Fast forward to today, Forrest discovered his true calling in testing and writing about electric bicycles. With extensive experience as a rider, consumer, and a certified bicycle mechanic trained by the United Bicycle Institute, Debra delivers candid evaluations of the e-bikes he reviews. When he’s not pedaling, Debra enjoys quality time with his wife and engages in an array of hobbies, from playing musical instruments to plotting epic e-bike adventures.
  • Sandra McKinney – Product Reviewer, Content Writer: Sandra is an accomplished cycle journalist with a significant impact on the cycling world. He has authored a book on eBikes titled “Electric Bicycles” and written over 10 cycling titles, including best-selling guides. Hailing from Huddersfield, England, Sandra‘s wealth of knowledge enriches our e-bike reviews and content.

Join the Conversation

  • At Outdoor Electric Bike, we believe that the conversation should extend beyond our team. We invite you to be an active part of our community by engaging in discussions and sharing your own insights. Your voice matters, and your experiences can inspire others to take the plunge into the world of outdoor electric biking.
  • Thank you for being a part of our journey, and together, we’ll explore the boundless opportunities that outdoor electric biking has to offer.