Vtuvia SN100 Electric Bike: Unleashing the Power of Adventure

Are you prepared to reimagine what riding can be like? The Vtuvia SN100 Electric Bike combines power, efficiency, and tough durability to deliver an exciting ride over a variety of terrains. We examine the salient characteristics, technical details, and practical efficacy of the SN100 in this exhaustive analysis, which serves as your pass to more rapid, effortless, and environmentally friendly transportation.

Reviews Ratings & Technical Specs:

Let’s quickly review the important features and user feedback that make the SN100 unique before getting into the specifics. This electric bike has impressive technical credentials with its powerful 750W Brushless Gear Motor, removable 48V 13AH Lithium-Ion Battery, and sturdy 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame. Its capacity to navigate difficult terrain has been praised by users, making it a unique option for thrill seekers.

How We Picked the Best Electric Bikes:

Our selection process for electric bikes involved a rigorous evaluation of factors such as motor performance, battery life, setup ease, and overall riding experience. The Vtuvia SN100 emerged as a top contender, striking a balance between power and comfort.

Robust and ergonomic aluminum alloy frame for durability.Charging time of 6-7 hours may be considered lengthy for some users.
Powerful 750W motor for conquering tough terrains.The bike’s net weight of 72 lbs may be on the heavier side for certain riders.
Removable waterproof battery for all-weather riding.
Three riding modes and smart PAS for versatile commuting.
Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power.


The inclusion of the MOZO front suspension fork ensures a smooth and controlled ride, enabling the SN100 to tackle hills and rough terrains with ease.

Motor and Battery:

Powered by a 750W brushless gear motor and a removable 48V 13AH battery, the SN100 strikes a balance between performance and range. The torque sensor and three riding modes offer a customizable experience, adapting to the rider’s preferences.


Setting up the SN100 is straightforward, and the removable battery adds convenience for charging and storage.

Motor Performance and Battery Life:

With a maximum torque of 80Nm, the SN100 delivers a powerful and quiet riding experience. The removable 13AH battery provides a range of 38-48 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for long-distance rides.

Crucial Tyre Swap:

Equipped with KENDA 26” * 4.0” 60 TPI fat tires, the SN100 ensures excellent control on loose terrains and snow. The tire swap is a crucial feature that enhances the bike’s adaptability to various surfaces.

Bottom Line:

The Vtuvia SN100 stands out as a reliable and versatile electric bike, offering a perfect blend of power, comfort, and durability. Whether you’re commuting through urban streets or exploring off-road trails, the SN100 is designed to exceed expectations.

How We Tested:

Our testing process involved evaluating the power, speed, and range of the SN100 in real-world scenarios. The bike excelled in providing a seamless and enjoyable riding experience across different terrains.

Power, Speed, and Range:

The 750W motor delivers impressive power, reaching speeds of 16-20 mph on throttle alone. The 48V 13AH battery ensures a commendable range of 38-48 miles, making it suitable for both daily commuting and longer adventures.


To sum up, the Vtuvia SN100 Electric Bike fulfills its claim to be capable of riding on any kind of surface. With its strong frame, powerful motor, and useful features like hydraulic brakes and a detachable battery, the SN100 is an excellent option for anyone looking for an exciting and dependable electric bike. With the Vtuvia SN100 Electric Bike, your ticket to an exhilarating journey, you can commute more quickly, easily, and environmentally.

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