Basalt Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Reviews

In the ever-expanding realm of electric bikes, the Mokwheel Basalt stands out as a promising contender. This detailed review encapsulates every aspect, from delivery and assembly to the bike’s performance on the road, providing insights into its pros, cons, and technical specifications (Basalt Electric Bike).

Delivery and Unboxing:

Promptly delivered by FedEx, the Basalt’s packaging was meticulous, ensuring the bike’s safety during transit. The box, marked by its substantial size, hinted at the bike’s weight, a sturdy 79 lbs. Unpacking was a strategic process, with emphasis on preserving foam pieces for the subsequent assembly.

Assembly Process:

Approached with patience, the assembly of the Basalt was a meticulous task. The instructions, while deemed good, required a deliberate pace. The review advises allocating around an hour for unpacking and assembly. Noteworthy tools provided by Mokwheel, including quality wrenches and allen keys, offered an initial glimpse into the product’s build.

Basalt Electric Bike Technical Specifications:

Delving into the technical specifications, the Basalt Electric Bike boasts a powerful 750W rear-hub motor. This motor propels the cruiser to a top speed of 28 mph, with a torque of 90Nm, ensuring a smooth ride on various terrains. The 48V, 19.6Ah Samsung battery, strategically placed in the downtube, promises a commendable range of 60-80 miles per charge.

Pros and Cons:

Highlighting the merits and drawbacks of the Basalt, the review covers its strengths and weaknesses comprehensively. Pros include the integrated headlight and tail light for enhanced safety, a robust frame design, and the innovative power station technology. On the flip side, potential cons are addressed, such as the bike’s weight and the necessity for careful tyre selection.

Suspension and Setup:

A standout feature is the Basalt’s Overlord Adjustable front forks, offering 110mm of travel. This contributes to a smooth ride, absorbing vibrations from rough roads. The setup process is detailed, urging users to follow instructions diligently and avoid haste for a seamless assembly.

Motor Performance and Battery Life:

The Basalt’s 750W motor performance is commendable, reaching a top speed of 28 mph effortlessly. The power curve, transitioning from Eco Mode to Power Mode, is a well-engineered feature for efficient battery usage. The 48V Samsung battery, with a larger-than-average 3A charger, aligns with Mokwheel’s commitment to longevity and performance.

Crucial Tyre Swap:

A crucial aspect discussed is the potential need for a tyre swap. While the Basalt comes with 26×4.0″ puncture-resistant fat tyres, the review suggests considering specific terrain requirements for optimal performance. This insight ensures users make an informed decision based on their riding preferences.

How We Tested:

The review details the testing methodology, emphasizing criteria such as power, speed, and range. Real-world scenarios were employed to gauge the Basalt’s performance across varied conditions, providing a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.


In conclusion, the Mokwheel Basalt Electric Bike emerges as a well-built, feature-rich e-bike with a starting price of $1,799. Its versatility, safety features, and innovative power station technology position it as a value buy. The review serves as a guide for potential buyers, offering a nuanced perspective on the Basalt’s strengths and areas for consideration.

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