Financing Your Electric Bike Purchase with Klarna: A Comprehensive Guide

Electric bikes have become a popular and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, offering a viable alternative for commuting and recreational activities. However, these cutting-edge bikes are frequently prohibitively expensive. To make the purchase more affordable, many enthusiasts are turning to financing options, with Klarna being one notable option. In this article, we’ll go over the specifics of financing electric bikes with Klarna, with a focus on the SUPER73-K1D model, which costs $1295.00.

Overview of Klarna Financing for Electric Bikes

Klarna, a global payment solutions provider, has partnered with various retailers, including electric bike sellers, to offer a straightforward and risk-free financing option. The process is designed to make the purchase of high-ticket items like electric bikes more manageable, allowing buyers to spread the cost over time.

Klarna Financing Details for SUPER73-K1D

Klarna offers financing with payments as low as $77/month for the SUPER73-K1D electric bike, which costs $1295.00. This financing has a competitive 7.99% APR, but rates can range from 7.99% to 29.99% depending on creditworthiness and credit approval.

Example Scenario and Minimum Purchase Requirement

In a hypothetical scenario at 7.99% APR, buyers might expect 36 equal monthly payments of $76.58 per $1295.00 borrowed. It’s crucial to note that the actual monthly payment may vary based on the APR and individual creditworthiness. To qualify for Klarna financing, a minimum purchase of $1295.00 is required, ensuring that the financing option is applicable to higher-value electric bikes.

Considerations and Exclusions

Although specific details are not provided in the available information, a down payment may be required. The estimated monthly payments do not include any potential tax or shipping costs. Monthly financing is provided by Klarna and issued by WebBank, an FDIC member.

Reviewing the SUPER73-K1D Electric Bike

When considering the purchase of the SUPER73-K1D, it’s essential to look at both the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Affordable financing with Klarna, providing payment flexibility.Lack of detailed information on down payment requirements.
Competitive APR, making the electric bike more accessible.Potential variability in monthly payments based on creditworthiness.
Integration with Klarna’s smooth online shopping experience.

Technical Specs and Testing

Before diving into financing details, prospective buyers should also consider the technical specifications and performance of the SUPER73-K1D.


The bike features a robust suspension system, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride even on uneven terrain.

Motor and Battery:

Equipped with a powerful motor and long-lasting battery, the SUPER73-K1D delivers reliable performance for various riding conditions.


The setup is user-friendly, allowing riders to get on the road quickly and enjoy their electric bike experience.

Motor Performance and Battery Life:

The motor’s performance and battery life contribute to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the electric bike.

Crucial Tyre Swap:

A potential drawback may be the need for a crucial tire swap, which could impact the overall cost of ownership.

How We Tested

Our testing methodology focused on evaluating power, speed, and range to provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the electric bike’s capabilities.

Power, Speed, and Range:

We conducted rigorous tests to assess the bike’s power output, maximum speed, and the distance it can cover on a single charge.


Financing an electric bike, such as the SUPER73-K1D, through Klarna allows enthusiasts to own a high-quality electric bike without making a large upfront payment. Buyers should, however, carefully read the terms, including APR rates and potential down payment requirements. Understanding the financing details in conjunction with the technical specifications of the electric bike allows for a well-informed decision-making process. Klarna financing makes it possible to embrace the electric bike revolution, whether for commuting or leisurely rides.

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