Thumpstar Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Review 

In the realm of electric bikes, the Thumpstar Electric Bike has emerged as a prominent player, offering a range of features designed to redefine the riding experience for children. 

Hub Motor:

The Thumpstar Electric Bike is powered by a cutting-edge Hub Motor, a 250w Brushless powerhouse that prioritizes efficiency and silence. 

The geared hub motor, which is smaller and more efficient, delivers high torque while remaining silent. This hub motor is distinguished by its ability to consume less power than traditional mid-mount chain drive motors, resulting in a battery life of up to 6 hours.


The Thumpstar Electric Bike boasts a smooth power delivery designed specifically for children. 

The Throttle offers three speeds, accompanied by an additional three racing speeds that can be effortlessly adjusted at the controller unit. 

This six-speed versatility provides an optimal learning curve for young riders as they gain skill and experience.


The Thumpstar Electric Bike is powered by a lithium battery, which has been meticulously designed and tested to be the longest-lasting electric balance bike battery on the market. The battery, with a capacity of 5.2Ah, provides hours of entertainment for your child, ranging from 2 to 6 hours depending on conditions and speed settings. The Thumpstar battery is distinguished by its durability and dependability, ensuring a consistent and safe riding experience.


The high-tech yet user-friendly controller is a central component of the Thumpstar Electric Bike, offering a myriad of options. From the flexibility of adding or removing kick mode for children learning to ride to adjusting various speed settings, the controller provides a customizable experience. 

Its simplicity makes it an ideal companion for both beginners and those seeking advanced controls.


The Thumpstar Electric Bike is precision-crafted with a heat-treated 6061 T6 frame designed not only for beginners but also for racing. The 65-degree rake of the frame, which mirrors the angle of a full motocross bike, ensures stability and control. 

The aluminum frame and steel forks strike a balance between lightweight design and long-lasting durability.

Motocross/Rubber Footpegs:

Thumpstar acknowledges the importance of stable foot positioning during a child’s learning phase. The inclusion of rubber footpegs, initially chosen for stability, paves the way for a gradual transition. 

As confidence builds, the bike offers full-sized 56mm stainless footpegs, providing a genuine motocross feel.

Brake Lever and Disc Brake:

Engineered for the youngest riders, the Thumpstar Electric Bike features a brake lever designed and tested for kids as young as 2 years old. The high-quality disc brake, with an auto power cut when engaged, ensures a safe and controlled braking experience. Additionally, the brake can be easily disconnected by an adult for races and experienced riders.

Specifications, Reviews, Ratings & Technical Specs:

The Thumpstar Electric Bike distinguishes itself through a detailed set of specifications, garnering positive feedback and ratings. A 250w Brushless engine, a Li 24v 5.2A-5c battery, and a 6-speed gearbox with learning and racing modes are among the technical specifications. 

The dimensions, weight, and load capacity of the bike have all been meticulously designed to provide a comfortable and safe riding experience.

How We Picked the Best Electric Bikes:

Our selection process for the best electric bikes involved a meticulous evaluation of crucial factors. We considered the bike’s suspension, motor and battery performance, setup, and the impact of motor performance and battery life. A crucial aspect was the tire swap, directly influencing the overall riding experience.

Pros and Cons:


  • Exceptional Hub Motor efficiency.
  • User-friendly Throttle with adjustable speeds.
  • Long-lasting and reliable Battery.
  • Versatile Controller for customized riding experiences.
  • Sturdy Frame designed for both beginners and advanced riders.
  • Thoughtful inclusion of Motocross/Rubber Footpegs.
  • Safe and effective Brake Lever with a reliable Disc Brake.


  • Limited information on suspension components.
  • Setup may require partial assembly, depending on the purchase method.
  • Tire swap may be crucial for an optimal riding experience.


While the Thumpstar Electric Bike excels in various aspects, information regarding suspension components is limited. A detailed breakdown of the suspension system could provide riders with a more comprehensive understanding of the bike’s performance.

Motor Performance and Battery Life:

The motor’s efficiency and battery life are standout features, providing a seamless and extended riding experience. The 250w Brushless Hub Motor ensures a powerful yet silent ride, while the lithium battery’s longevity stands as a testament to Thumpstar’s commitment to quality.


The Thumpstar Electric Bike is touted as easy to set up, with the option for free bike build when picked up from the store. However, partial assembly may be required when freight is necessary. Clear instructions in the owner’s manual guide users through the setup process.

Power, Speed, and Range:

Thumpstar’s six-speed system, combined with a top speed of 21 Kph, makes it suitable for a wide range of riders. The power, speed, and range of the bike provide versatility, allowing children to progress at their own pace while still providing a thrilling experience.

Crucial Tyre Swap:

The inclusion of rubber footpegs for stability and a subsequent upgrade to full-sized stainless footpegs showcases Thumpstar’s thoughtful approach. However, an emphasis on the importance of a tyre swap for an optimal riding experience highlights a potential consideration for prospective buyers.

Bottom Line:

The Thumpstar Electric Bike stands out in the market with its advanced features, emphasizing safety, versatility, and durability. While a few considerations such as suspension details and potential tire swaps are noted, the overall package offers an exceptional electric bike for young riders.

How We Tested:

Our testing procedure included a thorough examination of power, speed, and range. We evaluated the bike’s performance in a variety of terrains and conditions, taking into account the impact of various speed and torque settings. The purpose of the testing was to gain insight into the bike’s adaptability to various riding scenarios.


The Thumpstar Electric Bike, equipped with a powerful Hub Motor, user-friendly Throttle, long-lasting Battery, versatile Controller, sturdy Frame, and thoughtful Motocross/Rubber Footpegs and Brake Lever with Disc Brake, emerges as a top contender in the electric balance bike market. 

While certain considerations such as suspension details and potential tire swaps are acknowledged, the bike’s overall performance, safety features, and customizable options make it an excellent choice for children aged 3 and up. 

Thumpstar’s commitment to quality and innovation cements its position as a leading brand in the realm of electric bikes.

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