CLIENSY Electric Bike Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric bikes, CLIENSY stands out with its 26 Inch Electric Bike – a versatile and affordable option designed to meet the diverse needs of riders. 

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the key aspects, including reviews, ratings, technical specifications, pros, cons, suspension, motor and battery performance, setup, tire considerations, and overall performance. 

Let’s explore how CLIENSY addresses the crucial factors that define an exceptional electric biking experience.

Reviews Ratings & Technical Specs:

The CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Bike has garnered attention for its innovative features, earning positive reviews from riders. 

Users highlight its reliability, affordability, and user-friendly design. With a 350W motor, 21-speed Shimano gearing, and a removable 36V 8AH lithium battery, this bike offers a powerful and flexible riding experience.

How We Picked the Best Electric Bikes:

Our selection process focused on factors such as motor performance, battery life, ease of setup, and overall build quality. CLIENSY’s 26 Inch Electric Bike stood out for its combination of power, convenience, and thoughtful design.


  • Folding Design: The bike’s foldable design enhances portability, making it a convenient choice for commuters and travelers.
  • Lightweight Construction: Crafted from strong carbon steel, the bike achieves a balance of durability and maneuverability.
  • Powerful Battery: The removable 36V 8AH lithium battery ensures a sufficient power supply for extended rides.


  • Tire Considerations: Some users noted a need for a crucial tire swap to optimize performance on various terrains.
  • Setup Challenges: While the bike is generally easy to assemble, there may be minor setup challenges, particularly for those new to electric bikes.


The CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Bike features a suspension system that contributes to a smoother ride, absorbing shocks and ensuring comfort, especially on uneven surfaces.

Motor and Battery:

Powered by a 350W motor and a 36V 8AH lithium battery, the CLIENSY electric bike provides a balance between speed, endurance, and efficiency. 

Users commend the stability of the electric system, supporting speeds up to 19mph and an endurance mileage ranging from 19 to 31 miles.


Setting up the CLIENSY electric bike is a straightforward process, with users reporting minimal assembly time. The inclusion of a 21-speed Shimano gearing system further adds to the customization and adaptability of the bike.

Motor Performance and Battery Life:

The bike’s motor performance and battery life are key strengths. The 350W motor delivers a smooth and controlled ride, while the lithium battery, with a 4-5 hour charging time, ensures ample power for most commuting tasks and short trips.

Crucial Tyre Swap:

Some users have identified the need for a tire swap to optimize the bike’s performance on different terrains. Upgrading the tires can enhance traction, stability, and overall riding experience.

Bottom Line:

The CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Bike is a commendable choice for riders seeking a reliable, affordable, and versatile electric bike. Its combination of a powerful motor, removable battery, folding design, and lightweight construction makes it suitable for various riding scenarios.

How We Tested:

Our testing process focused on evaluating power, speed, and range. The CLIENSY electric bike performed well in these aspects, meeting expectations for a diverse range of riders.

Power, Speed, and Range:

With a 350W motor, the bike delivers sufficient power for varied terrains. Users can reach speeds up to 19mph, and the endurance mileage ranges from 19 to 31 miles, depending on the cycling mode.


In conclusion, the CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Bike emerges as a standout option in the electric bike market. Its thoughtful design, powerful motor, and versatile features make it an excellent choice for commuters, enthusiasts, and those looking for a reliable and affordable electric biking experience. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Cliensy Electric Bike provides a one-year warranty and friendly customer service, ensuring peace of mind for riders exploring the world of electric bikes.

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