Vector Electric Bikes: Unleashing Power and Adventure

When it comes to electric bikes, the Vector series, which includes the Typhoon and Vortex models, stands out as a technological and performance powerhouse. We delve into the technical specifications, pros and cons, and our rigorous testing process in this comprehensive review to help you understand why Vector electric bikes are making waves in the world of e-biking.

How We Picked the Best Electric Bikes

Our selection process involved a meticulous examination of key features that define an exceptional electric bike. Vector Typhoon and Vortex emerged as top contenders due to their robust frames, powerful motors, impressive speed capabilities, and extended range, making them ideal for both on and off-road adventures.

High-Strength FramesBoth Typhoon and Vortex boast high-strength steel frames, ensuring durability and stability, even under extreme conditions.
Powerful MotorsThe 10,000 Watt peak power motors positioned strategically in the middle of the frame offer unparalleled torque, facilitating burnouts and conquering steep terrains effortlessly.
Two-Person RideThe spacious frame design allows for a two-person ride, promoting shared adventures and enhancing the overall riding experience.
Zero MaintenanceWith minimal maintenance requirements, these bikes promise hassle-free ownership, allowing riders to focus on the thrill of the ride.
Tyre Swap ConsiderationSome riders may find a crucial tyre swap necessary for specific terrains, affecting the out-of-the-box off-road readiness.


Both the Typhoon and Vortex models have dual hydraulic suspension, which provides a comfortable and controlled ride even on the most difficult off-road trails. The suspension system helps the bikes adapt to different terrains, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Motor and Battery

The 10,000 Watt peak power motor, centrally located in the frame, ensures optimal weight distribution and delivers impressive torque. Paired with a reliable battery system, these electric bikes offer over 100 km of range, providing riders with the freedom to explore without worrying about frequent recharges.


The Vector electric bikes are delivered partially assembled, with an 85% completion rate. While the setup is simple, riders may need to make some adjustments and a crucial tyre swap depending on their intended use.

Motor Performance and Battery Life

The motor performance of both the Typhoon and Vortex models is a standout feature, offering the capability for burnouts and conquering steep mountains with ease. The battery life, with a range of over 100 km, ensures extended rides without the need for frequent recharging.

Crucial Tyre Swap

Depending on the rider’s preferences and the intended terrain, a crucial tyre swap might be necessary for optimal off-road performance. This consideration allows riders to tailor their electric bikes to specific conditions, enhancing versatility.

Bottom Line

The Vector Typhoon and Vortex electric bikes redefine off-road riding by combining powerful motors, durable frames, and thoughtful design for an action-packed adventure. While a crucial tyre swap may be required for certain terrains, the overall performance, zero maintenance, and two-person ride capability make them an appealing choice for adrenaline junkies.

How We Tested

Our testing included rigorous evaluations of power, speed, and range to ensure that the Vector electric bikes deliver on their promises in real-world scenarios. We aimed to provide a thorough understanding of their capabilities under a variety of conditions.

Power, Speed, and Range

The 10,000 Watt peak power motors showcased impressive torque, allowing for burnouts and conquering steep mountains effortlessly. The bikes’ speed capabilities, reaching 80+ km/h, coupled with a range of over 100 km, ensure a thrilling and extended riding experience.


Finally, the Vector electric bikes, Typhoon and Vortex, have proven to be formidable competitors in the e-bike market. These bikes offer a unique blend of performance and versatility, thanks to powerful motors, durable frames, and a design geared toward adventurous riders. While issues such as a critical tyre swap may arise, the overall package makes Vector electric bikes an appealing option for those looking for an electrifying off-road experience.

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