Steady Electric Bike Review: Unveiling the Nakto Folding OX

Every now and then, in the world of electric bikes, a model emerges that defies conventional expectations. One such bike is the Nakto Folding OX, which combines cruiser, fat tire, and step-thru styles. In this comprehensive review, we will look at the numerous features that set the Nakto Folding OX apart, as well as our hands-on experience and extensive testing, (Steady Electric Bike)

Steady Electric Bike Reviews, Ratings, & Technical Specs

Before diving into the specifics, let’s take a quick look at the overall reception of the Nakto Folding OX. Users, including Ron Tolen, have praised Electric Bike Paradise for excellent service, competitive pricing, and helpful assembly guidance. The bike itself boasts an attractive discount, with a current price of $1,299 marked down from $1,699, saving buyers 24%.

How We Picked the Best Electric Bikes

We were drawn to the Nakto Folding OX for review because of its attempt to combine various styles while maintaining an entry-level price point. The bike is designed for those who are interested in e-bikes and want to learn more about them without making a large financial commitment.

Steady Electric Bike Pros and Cons

Versatile design (cruiser, fat tire, step-thru).Potential challenges with crucial tire swap.
Competitive pricing.Detailed setup required.
Entry-level appeal for e-bike beginners.


The Nakto Folding OX excels in providing a comfortable ride, thanks to its suspension system. The cruiser, fat tire, and step-thru designs contribute to a versatile and adaptable biking experience.

Motor and Battery

The Nakto Folding OX has a powerful 500W Rear Hub Brushless Motor that produces 52Nm of torque. The 48V/12Ah Seat-Tube Mounted Removable Battery with Lithium-Ion Tianneng Cells provides a strong and dependable power source.


While the setup may require attention to detail, Electric Bike Paradise provides helpful assembly videos and advice, easing the process for users.

Motor Performance and Battery Life

Our real-world tests covered several days and numerous miles, assessing the Nakto Folding OX’s motor performance and battery life. The bike proved to be a reliable companion, demonstrating efficiency and endurance.

Crucial Tyre Swap

One factor to consider is the potential difficulties associated with a critical tire swap. Understanding and navigating this process is critical for users to maximize the capabilities of the bike.

Bottom Line

The Nakto Folding OX emerges as a curious yet appealing option in the electric bike market. Balancing versatility, performance, and affordability, it caters to a wide audience, particularly those exploring e-bikes for the first time.

How We Tested

Our testing methodology included evaluating power, speed, and range to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the Nakto Folding OX’s capabilities.

Power, Speed, and Range

The 500W motor, combined with the 48V/12Ah battery, delivers impressive power, enabling commendable speed and range. The bike’s performance aligns with the expectations of riders seeking a reliable electric bike for various terrains.


In conclusion, the Nakto Folding OX is a reliable electric bike option that offers a unique blend of styles at a reasonable price. While a detailed setup and potential tire swap challenges are factors to consider, the overall package makes it an appealing option for those new to the world of e-bikes. Consider the Nakto Folding OX for an electric bike that is versatile, efficient, and affordable, Steady Electric Bike.

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